Documentary, 27 minutes

Red Crabs of Christmas Island

Red Crabs - Ralf Kiefner

In 1996 Ralf Kiefner made a 27-minute documentary for the german TV VOX about the biggest mass migration on land. Once a year, at the beginning of the rainy season, a spectacular migration takes place on Christmas Island (Australia). Millions of bright red land crabs leave the rain forest moving like an endless stream, heading to the island´s beaches. The entire island appears to be covered with migrating red crabs during this time, it seems to be completely in “crabs hands”. These “red robots” are literally everywhere. They are marching across fields, roads, gardens, terraces, yards and even the golf-course seems to be like “painted” in red.

Since 1996 the documentary Red Crabs of Christmas Island is one of the most successful documentaries on VOX-TV and therefore was repeated every year.

Written by:

Ralf Kiefner, Dr. Holger Rumpff

Rolf Brüning, Ralf Kiefner

Rolf Brüning, © Ralf Kiefner

Rolf Brüning, Ralf Kiefner