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"Beyond Fear - Communicating with Great White Sharks"

Documentary, 52 minutes
This 52-minute documentary about the body language of sharks and freediving with Great White Sharks was made in the year 2003 off the coast of South Africa and with Bull Sharks off the Bahamas...
Underwater Camera: Ralf Kiefner, Andrea Ramalho
Camera: Dirk Gion, Ralf Kiefner, Andrea Ramalho
Written by: Dirk Gion, Ralf Kiefner
Producer: © Ralf Kiefner, © Andrea Ramalho
Director: Dirk Gion
Add. Underw. Footage: Mike Rutzen, Mornè Hardenberg
Sound: Detlev Schmitz
Editor: Martin Wolf
Special Effects: Thomas Eichhorn
Narrator: Marc Rossman
Music: Didi Hamann (Trailer: Highland Musikarchiv)

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Beyond Fear - Communicating with Great White Sharks

"Beyond Fear" is distributed worldwide through ZDF Enterprises GmbH (Mainz).