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"The Feast" documents all aspects of the sardine run

Documentary, 52 minutes
The sardine run is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on our planet, that rivals any listed wonder of the world.

Huge shoals of sardines face the most well-equipped predators on earth - ocean going, airborne and land going. » more
Underwater Camera: Ralf Kiefner, Andrea Ramalho
Camera: Ralf Kiefner, Andrea Ramalho
Written by: Ralf Kiefner
Music: Didi Hamann (Trailer: Highland Musikarchiv)
Sound: Detlev Schmitz
Executive Producer: Ralf Kiefner, © Ralf Kiefner
Director: Ralf Kiefner, Peter Spielmann
Editor: Sebastian Weinhold, Compose TV
Narrator: Marc Rossman (engl.), Reinhard Pede (deutsch), Jean Faure (französisch)
Special Effects: Flakefilm Medienproduktion, Th. Frecking, C. Thamm

all aspects of the sardine run

Three different versions of "The Feast" are available:
» "The Feast" (english version)
» "Das Grosse Fest" (german version)
» "Le Grand Festin" (french version)