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"End of a Myth - interacting with sharks"

Documentary, 52 minutes
Sharks must be protected. – But who wants to protect animals that he is afraid of? Die The irrational fear that we have of sharks prevents us from getting to know them and may also explain our lack of interest in protecting them...
Underwater Camera: Ralf Kiefner, Andrea Ramalho
Camera: Ralf Kiefner, Andrea Ramalho
Written by: Ralf Kiefner
Exectutive Producer: Ralf Kiefner, © Ralf Kiefner
Director: Ralf Kiefner, Peter Spielmann
Add. Underw. Footage: Stan Kielbaska, Mark Addison, Mike Rutzen, Mornè Hardenberg
Sound: Detlev Schmitz
Editor: Patric Peters, Compose TV
Special Effects: Sebastian Weinhold, Compose TV
Narrator: Marc Rossman
Music: Didi Hamann (Trailer: Highland Musikarchiv)

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End of a Myth - interacting with sharks

"End of a Myth"