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"Beyond Fear - Communicating with Great White Sharks"

Dr. Erich K. Ritter - "Shark Behaviorist" - Shark Research Institute (USA), in January 2004:
"Beyond Fear is one of the best shark documentaries that I know".

Dr. Otto Gadig - Zoologist - International Shark Attack File (Brazil):
"Beyond Fear is totally different from all the other documentaries about sharks that I have seen before. In my point of view Beyond Fear establishes a turning point in White Shark behaviour research".

Ryan Johnson M.Sc. - Shark Biologist - University of Pretoria (South Africa):
"Beyond Fear has given us a whole new inside into the behaviour of White Sharks. This documentary confirms what we always suspected: that White Sharks are not these man eaters and that people don´t have to fear them. But proving it into flash was something that none of us was willing to take".

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