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Cine premiere of
"Beyond Fear - Communicating with Great White Sharks"

The high number of spectators during the week Beyond Fear was shown at Eulenspiegel exceeded all expectations. The successful cine premiere of Beyond Fear in the city of Essen has been celebrated in the following media:

Print Media
Express, Prinz, Unterwasser, Westdeutsche Allgemeine, Neue Ruhr Zeitung, Marabo, Coolibri, Filmspiegel, and others (all Germany).

Express (Germany, 7.5.2004)
"...terrific encounters ….this spectacular documentary gives a fascinating new inside into the world of sharks…"

Unterwasser (Germany, 14.5.2004)
"…on the Moscow International Underwater Film Festival 2004 this documentary won the Grand Prix for the best film, at the premiere in the cinema in Essen the film was applauded. "Beyond Fear" from Ralf Kiefner…."

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