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WHALEGUIDE - What the media say:

  • "Whales to go", CetusGeo (Dolphin Research Australia)
  • "THE app recommendation", DIE WELT (Germany)
  • "The future for Wildlife Guides", Silent World (Germany)
  • "The fascination of the fin", Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger (Germany)
  • "Whales to go", WDR (German TV)
  • "New Dimension for Wildlife Guides", Aquanaut (Switzerland)
  • "Fourth Dimension", Unterwasser (Germany)
  • "A New Era", Sportdiving magazine (Australia)
  • "This app is fun!", Tauchen (Germany)
  • "Extra dimension", Duiken (Netherlands)
  • "Giant App", Best of Diving (Germany)
  • "A world of cetaceans in the palm of your hands", Dive News Network
  • "New app aims to help whales and the people who watch them", Canadian Geographic (Canada)
  • "App to experience and to identify", (Silent World (Germany)
  • A new dimension for whale and dolphin guides", African Diver (South Africa)

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